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Installation of Cat Flaps Manchester,Warrington,Stockport

Installing Cat Flaps

Using the Sureflap Cat Flap

In solving the problems of preventing the unpleasant experience usually posed by unwanted neighborhood cats when they either forcefully enter your cat's house to terrorise it or keep on following your cats to devour its meal while still wrestling with your cat. Alas! A breakthrough was found by developing a technology that allows the cat to enter its abode without contesting with any rival cat. The technology is designed in such a way that the cats microchip is planted on the collar of the cat. The microchip is equivalent to an electronic door key which automatically opens the door for the cat while leaving the intruding cat outside the door.

The cat's microchip is usually fixed with an antenna which access the cat's microchip signals so that when the cat goes into, or come out of its home, the microchip signal will enable the cat flap to open, thus the cat with the microchip will enter leaving behind the intruding cat. It can be equipped with a magnetic lock which enables the opening and locking of the door and also prevent the swinging of the door during wind blow.

Fixing the sureflap Cat flap into the door of your cat's house is similar to you giving your cat a key to its home. The Cat flap grant your cat an access to its home with an identification microchip which signals its entering while leaving the visiting cats behind the bars.

Installing Cat Flaps into Glass Doors

The process of installing a cat flap into a glass door or window is a tricky job, it requires a skilled Glazier because you will need to cut a hole into the glass and then have the Glass made into a Sealed Unit.

Trying to cut a whole into glass by an amateur can cause the glass to break or shatter. If you do not know how to cut a hole into a glass or you need to hire someone to install a Cat flap into your glass door or UPVC Panel anywhere around Manchester, Warrington and Stockport get in touch with Robinson & Foster Glass Ltd.

Cutting the Glass

Cutting holes in a glass should be carried out by skilled Tradesmen, preferably a professional glazier. They will cut a circular hole (according to the design of the Cat flap). The glazier will cut the hole in accordance to the size of your cat and the size of your Cat flap. The Cat flap can then be installed on the glass door by removing the glass panel from the door and replacing it with the one with a cat flap.

The size of the hole

Ideally, the size of the hole that should be Cut into the glass door for installing the Cat flap is about 212mm to 260mm in diameter (in accordance to the size of the Cat flap).

Process involved in installing the Cat flap

After cutting the glass and having a sureflap Cat flap ready for use, you can complete the installation process by following the steps below :

· Install the sureflap in a double-glazed panel. Make sure you seal the passage between the panels around the circular hole to avoid moisture. You can use a "sealant" to prevent moisture from getting in and securing the Sureflap, after installation, it is advisable to purchase a sealant from a glazing company.

· Fix in one of the glass adapter ring over the sureflap being assembled.

· From inside the cat house, through the hole of the glass, slide in the tunnel of the assembled Cat flap.

· From outside the cat house, fixing the second glassed-mount adapter, then fix the external frame.

· Screw the glass-mounted adapter with the glass using the appropriate screws, depending on the thickness of the glass, make sure the assembly is centered properly with the circular holes before tightening the screws.

· Align the slot which is pointing inwards with the white screw caps, place it firm, test the Cat flap to make sure its opening in and out properly.

· Then, the sureflap microchip can be programmed for each of your cat and the cat flap.

installing Cat Flaps into uPVC

Among the fairy tale of cat owners is the transgressing behavior of the neighboring cats, the experience can sometimes be both disturbing and frustrating, especially when you have to separate a neighboring cat from engaging in fights with your cat or when a neighboring cat overrides your cat for food or space right in its own territory. Even sometimes, when you have to stop an important task for your feline companion. Without doubt, acquiring a Cat Flap is the perfect solution. It allows your cat to come inside and go out of its house as it pleases without having to disturb you. It also offers your cat the liberty to hide in its own house, leaving the invading pets outside.

Having understood the concept behind Cat Flaps, installing a cat flap can be difficult at times, especially for the beginners, due to the need for precise measurements, working with various set of tools, having experience in cutting wood or glass or UPVC Panel without getting it shattered. It's thus better to hire a specialist. If you need a skilled and experienced Cat Flap fitter anywhere around Manchester, Warrington and Stockport, feel free to contact Robinson & Foster Glass Ltd

Installation of Cat Flaps into UPVC panels in Manchester, Warrington and Stockport

· Get yourself a Cat flap, go through the installation instructions and the list of the tools needed in fitting the Cat flap.

· If your Cat flap model does not come with an instruction or list of the necessary tools, no problem. Basically, you will need a pencil, a file, a drill, a jigsaw, a spirit level, a screwdriver etc. You can contact us if you are in Manchester, Warrington or Stockport for recommendations on the blade to use with your UPVC door, or simply contact us for the installation of Cat flap into your UPVC panels

· Proceed by measuring your cat's height and width against the door to ensure easy entrance and exit of your pet. Mark the height using a pencil or pen, draw the horizontal line which indicates the width, using a spirit level to ensure that you actually drawn a perfectly horizontal line.

· Place the position of the Cat flap in the middle of the door to mark the shape, use a shape template if a Cat flap model comes with one, if not, trace the outline of the Cat flap entrance on a piece of paper, then use the template to mark out the shape of the door accurately on your uPVC door. With the template, mark the area you need to drill, making sure that the center point of the template align with the center point of the line you drew.

· Choose a befitting drill bit, drill the hole on the areas marked, choosing a flat bit that is more wider than the blade of your jigsaw to enable you to fit the blade of your saw comfortably.

· The drilled hole will allow you to cut out the shape of the Cat flap using your saw; take your time and carefully cut out the marked areas.

· You can then smoothen the surface of the whole with a sandpaper and blow the dust off.

· Test your Cat flap against the drilled hole, hold it and check for the movement of the flap in and out, if it moves smoothly, you good to go, if not, check the hindrance, use a sandpaper to wear down the points until the flap can easily open without any problem.

· While holding the Cat flap, mark out the screw holes through the screw holes made on the Cat flap.

· Remove the Cat flap, select a drill bit and use it to create the pilot holes, making sure that the bit chosen is much narrower than the screw.

· Lastly, hold the front of the Cat flap in place and gently screw-in the bolts. Open the door and close it to ensure smooth opening and closing. Are you in Manchester, Warrington or Stockport and you need to install a Cat

flap into glass door or uPVC doors? Book now with Robinson & Foster Glass Ltd 0161-691-9589

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