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Low Cost Double Glazing Repair Company

We can Repair all types of Double glazed Windows & Doors.Our Team have vast experience in double glazing repairs not only replacing hinges and handles we can also source most mechanisms at a fraction of the cost of full replacement.

We are North West Leading Double Glazing Repairs company. We offer a Emergency UPVC Locksmith service and Window Repairs serving Manchester,Warrington and Stockport areas: 

Robinson & Foster Glass have been repairing faulty UPVC Windows and Doors for over 20 years. We can replace your faulty upvc window and door locks,hinges and handles around the manchester,warrington and stockport area.We always offer the option of repair before quoting for full replacement as sometimes all you need is a simple Double Glazing Repair.


We can replace your failed,Broken and misted double glazed units. When this happens you dont need a brand new window just the glass can be replaced from as little as £25 fitted.

We can replace all types of glass into UPVC,Wood and even Aluminium.

Are you Struggling to open and close your UPVC Doors and Windows. This could be a sign that your mechanism either needs re-aligning or replacing. At Robinson & Foster Glass we can source and replace every type of mechanism new and old.


Do you have draughty Windows and doors ? You could need new UPVC Window Hinges or replacement rubber gasket. Our expert repair guys have the knowledge when it comes to keeping you warm and stopping the heat escaping your home.

Did you know we can also replace faulty Sliding patio wheels and tracks. Re-align Doors and Re-seal frames where required.

Give our helpful team a call today to see how we can help.


Robinson & Foster Glass Ltd


Robinson & Foster Glass we can replace your faulty window hinges,handles and mechanisms. Our team can also un lock windows and doors that have jammed shut and are unable to open.

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Window Repair List

  • Broken UPVC Hinges Replaced

  • UPVC Window alignment Problems Fixed

  • Failed Double Glazing to Upvc/Aluminium/Wood

  • UPVC Window Re-Seal and Trimming Service

  • Faulty UPVC Window Locks Replaced

  • UPVC Handle Replacement

  • Unjam faulty UPVC locks and replace

  • UPVC Rubber Gasket Seal Replacement (Shrunk/Perished)

  • fit extra UPVC locks

  • Replace Damaged Sash Windows (UPVC ONLY)

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Repairing a faulty UPVC,Composite or Aluminium door doesn’t always mean that you have to change the whole door. Sometimes a simple part replacement Handle,Hinges or Locks can be replaced Maybe a Slight adjustment is required to solve the problem saving you money on not having to replace the whole door.
There are many common problems with doors from your simple handle replacement to full mechanism change if the lock has seized. 
However, what a lot of people don’t realise is that all of these problems can be fixed quickly and without spending a fortune with our low cost door repairs.

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UPVC Door Repair List:

  • Broken UPVC Door Hinges Replaced

  • UPVC Door alignment Problems Fixed/Patio Wheel Adjustment

  • Failed Double Glazing to Upvc/Composite Doors

  • Door Glazing Cassette Replacement 

  • Faulty Door Mechanisms Replaced

  • Handle Replacement

  • Unjam faulty locks and replace

  • Dropped Door Adjustment (Front/Back Doors/French Doors)

  • Rubber Gasket Seal Replacement

  • Replace Damaged door panels

  • upgrade/change your lock barrels,

  • Replace Aluminium Patio Slider Track and Wheels

  • Security Chains Fitted

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Replacement Double Glazed Units

  • Robinson & Foster Glass Specialize in the replacement of double glazed units.

  • We Replace Cracked,Broken,Misted Units of all types.

  • We offer a free measuring service so we can provide the most accurate quotation.

  • Manufactured on a like for like basis or we offer the option of glass upgrades. 

  • Replace Double Glazed units that are also fitted into Wood and Aluminium.

  • Replace Glass into Old Aluminium Sliding Patios.

  • Most double glazed units can be measured,ordered and fitted within 5-7 days dependent on glass type.

  • Extensive range of glass patterns to choose from as well as lead layouts to match existing double glazing.

  • Very competitive with our prices with sealed units replaced from as little as £25 fitted and a 5 year guarantee on all replacement units.

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