How Much Could You Save?

At Robinson & Foster Glass We have the Knowledge and Experience when it comes to UPVC Repairs. We are not only a Double Glazing installation Company we also offer a low cost double glazing repairs service. Replacing your Failed/Misted Double Glazed Units,Sniff upvc locks,hinges and handles. This low cost service can save you money instead of full frame replacement.

If your Double Glazed Units have condensation inside, this doesn't mean you require a brand new window. We can just replace the glass. At Robinson & Foster Glass we can replace your glass into the following frame types UPVC,Wood and Aluminium. With all New Units coming with a Warranty for Peace of Mind.

Replacing Failed Double Glazed Units

Just Look at the difference a new Double glazed unit can do to your home

When you notice this happening to your upvc windows and doors it simply means its time to replace the glass units. We can match existing glass patterns,glass types and even offer glass upgrades. The most cost effective way of bringing your old frames back to life is with a little tlc.

Replacing Double Glazed Units isn't a expensive job if you contact the right people for the job. We can offer you Professional advice regarding your UPVC Windows and Doors.

  • Glass Replacement

    Single & Double Glazed Glass

    Replace your Broken,Misted Double Glazed Units and Single Panes of Glass

  • Faulty Window & Door Mechanisms

    UPVC Locking Mechanisms Replaced

    We can replace stiff,jammed shut,broken UPVC Window & Door Mechanisms

  • UPVC Window Hinges

    UPVC Window Hinges

    Keeping you Warm with our UPVC Hinge replacement service. We can also install Fire escape hinges and Hinges with Child restrictions.

  • UPVC Window & Door Handles

    UPVC Window & Door Handles

    Replace your Broken Handles or simply change the style and colour. We have Plenty of handles to choose from

  • Cat Flaps

    Cat Flaps into Glass & UPVC Panels

    We can install Cat Flaps into Upvc Panels and Glass. Standard and Microchip Cat Flaps.

Why Repair or Upgrade your Double Glazing?

Did you know you can save on your Energy Bills simply by repairing or replacing your double glazing. Over 20% of your heat from your home is lost through poorly maintained UPVC Windows and Doors.

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