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How to Measure UPVC Window Hinges?

Is your Upvc window causing you Problems when opening this could be a sign your Hinges are faulty and no longer functioning properly. Upvc Window hinges come in various different sizes and types depending on the window location and sash size.

You have standard hinges to allow the window to open with ease.

Fire egress hinges which allow the window to open at 90 degrees.

Restrictor Hinges add extra security and safety allowing the window to open enough to allow fresh air into the building but with the feature of a safety button to allow when pressed the window to open fully.

To measure your window for new hinges you need to fully open the window and place a tape measure at the very back of the hinge and measure to where the Metal Hinge finishes.

This will give u a reading which will usually be one of the following in millimeters.

210 mm , 260 mm , 310 mm , 410 mm , 510 mm or 610 mm these are the standard sizes for Upvc window hinges.

If you require any help or tips regarding replacement hinges please get in touch we are here to not only offer our professional services but helpful free advice.

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