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Composite Doors Manchester

When looking for a new Front Door everyone seems to be talking about Composite Doors.With New Door Colours and Glass Designs readily available, Manufacturers are trying to keep up with high customer demand. So Whats all the fuss surrounding Composite Doors?

When choosing to replace your front or rear door to your property you not only want to have a door that's stylish and secure but also a door that will last the lovely North-West Weather. Composite Doors are made from a combination of various products including a material called GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) this material gives the composite door its Wood like appearance. With Rubber or Q-lon seals fitted to the Door Frame once the door is closed these two types of materials form a excellent Weatherproof system. Composite Doors dont have to be plain,you can add colour from Chartwell Green to Anthracite Grey. Once you have chosen your preferred colour then comes the hard choice of Glass Design. The Glazing Industry has come along way from when Composite Doors first appeared with innovative glass designs incorporating Bevels and Colours to the Double Glazed Units fitted to the Doors.

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