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Cat Flaps Into Double Glazed Units

Have you ever thought about having a Cat Flap Fitted into a Double Glazed Unit this is a simple process. A New Double Glazed Unit will be manufactured in Toughened Glass with a hole situated as low as possible as per manufacturers recommendation. The hole size will be dependent on what type of Cat flap you decide to have fitted. So which Cat Flap to choose ?Robinson & Foster Glass have extensive knowledge in the installation of Cat Flaps and we recommend either fitting a Sureflap Cat Flap or Pet-Tek Cat Flap these two Cat Flap manufacturers offer the best range of cat flaps and there materials are of a high quality Cat Flap and Surrounds SureFlap

With Sureflap Cat Flaps they offer a fantastic range of Cat Flaps from Microchip to electronic. The Features offered are ideal for any customer wanting to keep out un wanted felines but allowing there cat to return home without being locked out.Features:Selective entry – All animals can exit the property but not enter unless registered with the microchip located outside the cat flap.Your Cat Flap will Flash red light indicator when the batteries are running lowRegister up to 32 Pets to the Cat FlapYou can manually your Cat inside or outside your property if requiredVery easy to install and maintain made from materials that can be easily wiped with a damp cloth.


Pet-Tek offer Clear Cat Flaps made from high quality Polycarbonate these Cat Flaps are not only environmentally friendly they also are easy to install. With a generous hole size and supplied with a full weather seal to the flap these cat flaps are ideal for anyone interested in a more simple cat flap. The Flap has a magnetic attachment allowing the cat flap to close back into position quietly and effectively. All Our Cat Flaps are fitted with a 12 month Guarantee and we also offer a fantastic aftercare service if you require any tips or help with any services we have provided

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