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Hоw to Lооk аftеr UPVC Windows And Dооrѕ Mаnсhеѕtеr.

At Robinson & Foster Glass We recommend that you try to Clean your frames and glass as often as you can. This will not only enable you to show case your UPVC Products to your neighbors and any one passing by But also help the functionality of the Products helping the Parts to last longer with less faults occurring.

There are tons of Products on the market to clean frames and glass but we recommend using for instance your glass we would use a Glass cleaner combined with a microfiber Cloth. We Recommend not cleaning glass when the sun is shining as this can cause streaking.

Cleaning your UPVC Products we would highly recommend using a Solvent Cleaner for those tough marks on your UPVC. Make sure not to use Solvents on any coloured upvc products as this can take the colour off the Product installed so we only use solvent on white upvc Products.

Also Keep Solvent away from sealants as they can come away from the frames.

To maintain UPVC that is Grey,Green,mahogany,rosewood or any other color we recommend a simple damp cloth wipe down all areas and then move onto the moving parts to your UPVC.

We Recommend using a spray oil (WD-40)to maintain the working parts of your windows this means the hinges,mechanism and any other part that moves.

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